Environmental Policy

For several years, Arjowiggins Graphic has been following an ambitious and responsible environmental policy which aims to reduce the impact of its activities and to offer concrete solutions to its clients for the adoption of new patterns of behaviour.

  1. FSC certification programme & EU Flower Label
  2. Recycled Papers
  3. ISO 14001 Certification
  4. Programme for reduction of CO2 emissions
  5. Reduction in the impact of production on the environment 

The CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) report communicates the vision and commitment of Arjowiggins Graphic and details the results achieved since 2008, when our entity was created.
It is also an illustration of how Arjowiggins Graphic, a major player in the graphics chain, intends to develop a governance model taking into account environmental issues and aims to meet the expectations of its stakeholders.

The 3 pillars of a Corporate Social Responsibility report are Environmental, Economic, Social.

 CSR Report