To anticipate and respond to market requirements, Arjowiggins Graphic has placed its innovation department at the heart of its development policy.

The creation of a new paper generally requires 12 to 18 months of work. Arjowiggins Graphic's department for the development of new products has set itself a target of a maximum 3-month period to achieve the same result, using the very latest in Green technologies and cutting-edge innovation in the development of eco-responsible papers. 

The Greenfield site at Chateau-Thierry, in the Paris region, consumes 191KT of old papers per year in the production of a high-end, Extra White recycled paper pulp. This whiteness, unique on the market, is obtained by means of an innovative manufacturing process that is completely chlorine free. The resulting pulp is FSC certified and 100% recycled. It is also certified for contact with food. 

The heart of the Arjowiggins Graphic approach:

As a result of the attention it has devoted to innovation, Arjowiggins Graphic can offer a range of papers that are eco-responsible, high-quality and highly technical in terms of whiteness and printability. The Arjowiggins Graphic Research & Development department has developed 9 new products brought to market in 18 months under the brands Maine 1 Face Green, Cocoon, Cyclus, Maine gloss green, Satimat green and Eural.